From the reading of Investigations of a Dog by Kafka (1922), a multi-media show has been created to reflect formally and linguistically on the idea of the Module, and from a semantic point of view, to use the module as the basic shape, the primary cell in a multilingual composition.
In a multi-media composition (dance, live music, video, text) freed from hierarchic issues and from traditional dramaturgical developments, we undertake research towards (possible, impossible) harmony in dramatic territories of relation. The Relation between analysis and intention, the Relation among bodies, of bodies with space, between the physical body and the digital body (through videos and sound). While a body is measured through the forms and volumes of an architecture “made to measure for an animal” that seeks a vertical dimension, the other presence remains flattened on the ground, inhabiting the context, filling it with sound. Metaphorically, our reflection revolves on the relation between the individual and power. On the immeasurable distance between individual intention and collective implementation. On the “belatedness” of the individual caused by inclusion in the community. We start out by exploring the concept of Measure, the fundamental shape for our composition, and the concept of latency in the acceptation of the time required for processing. Digital and analog ical, the latency of the body and that of the mind.

Letizia Renzini concept, live mix
Marina Giovannini coreography, dance


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